About Us

About Us

We’ve been running parties in Central London since 2003, so we certainly know a thing or two about how to party hard. All of the rumors are true. We’ve thrown the biggest and best parties around (from Royal engagements to Premier Football team after parties) and our service is unmatched.

So whether you are a tourist in the UK or a local looking to have a night out at the pubs one thing can rest assured, your good time does not have to include waiting outside in front of the clubs for hours if you take advantage of the guest list services that are found online at VIP Lounge.

We ♥ Twitter!
One of the best ways to stay in touch with us and to be the first to know about new nights is to join our VIPLounge twitter page.

Member only nightclubs
All of the clubs listed at VIP Lounge are guest list only, which means that if you do not place your name on the guest list before you head out you are not getting in. Thus, for those who want to enjoy London’s finest pub and club scene, the choice is rather obvious, get on the guest list or forgo what otherwise may have been an enjoyable evening.

Guest list services
VIP Lounge is able to offer guest list services through a unique partnership with many of London’s finest clubs enabling us to know where the party is going to be each night of the week so that we can make sure you are there.

Due to the fact that VIP Lounge contracts with clubs on the premise of finding you the best party night experience, on certain nights we exclusively only offer guest list services to certain clubs. In short, we only work with limited exclusive clubs on certain nights so that you never end up on a guest list of a club that is going to fall short of your expectations. Thus, when you make a guestlist or table reservation with us you always have the satisfaction of knowing your night will be worthwhile.

The boring stuff
At the same time, we work hard with our club partners to make sure that you have entry to the hopping club scene and even provide entry to most clubs even on exclusive VIP nights. This is so you never miss a moment of fun despite the competition you may find out on the road. You should note however that even though you are on the guest list you will still be responsible for paying the door entry fee, but the perk is that you have the satisfaction of knowing that you will get in which may not happen otherwise.