50 Cent takes on Dre’s Beats

VIPLounge – London club news – 10th October 2013

50 Cent is just one of the latest rappers to launch a range of haute headphones that come with a hefty price tag. Fiddy’s SYNC Wireless headphones are priced well over £200 which is less pricey than a pair of the ridiculously successful Dre Beats, but how does the SMS Audio fare in comparison to others on the market? One of the big plus points with Syncs is the wireless feature which means you can dance around the house freely without ever being held back by wires again! Plus no more carrying around a spare pack of AAA batteries just in case, SYNCS come with a built in rechargeable battery inside the headphone, very handy.


The downside of SYNCs is the fact they lacks the same level of bass as other headphones on the market and they don’t have noise cancellation. Apart from this they’re seriously sleek high quality headphones but not quite as high quality as some others and just not quite as cool as Dre Beats so we can’t see DJs at DSTRKT rushing out to buy them just yet.