55 Nightclub

55 Nightclub

The 55 Club Night Club in London is a popular and stylish night club that is quite unique, bringing in all the top people in London who are looking for a special night out on the town! The 55 Club Night Club was previously called the Nylon and Runway, but was recently renovated so it’s been given many upgrades that are going to impress even the most finicky of people.

The 55 Club in London is also well-known for its famous fluorescent runway, and is considered to be the clubs most outstanding feature. Lots of gorgeous leather and beautiful mahogany are brought into the overall design of the club!

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In fact, the word out on the 55 Club Night Club is that it’s the place to go these days! It’s already being seen as a super trendy club that plays host to a great mixture of all the top celebrities and high-rollers. The music policy at the 55 Club? Expect to hear a good mix of house music, rock and roll, R&B as well as the best club classics. This variety mix guarantees that everyone will be up and out onto the dance floor in no time at all!

This very chic night club has a strict door policy, which is necessary to make sure that only those who have been carefully reviewed can be let in. Getting your name on the 55 Club nightclub GuestList is a must if you want to be sure you and your party are able to get in to the club so you can have a fun night of partying!

The staff are trained to only let certain people in that aren’t listed on the 55 Club GuestList, so that’s why it’s really best to get your name on the 55 Club GuestList.

Those who are fortunate enough to get in consider it well worth the wait! The 55 Club nightclub offers a fun night out filled with lots of hip music and yummy drinks, all in a party-loving environment!