Anaya Nightclub

Anaya Nightclub

The Anaya Night Club is a fun and classy club where you’re going to find a young partying crowd having a fun night out on the town in this very energetic environment. No need to worry about anyone being too pretentious here, as everyone who comes to the Anaya club in London is out to have a fun night of drinking and dancing the night away!

The décor has been called futuristic with its extravagant design, taking you into the future with the chic all-white decoration and furnishings and complex lighting systems. The mirrors on the walls add to the flair, with a few black tiger couches surrounding the dance floor where people like to sit and drink their cocktails or magnum grey Goose bottles, while watching the dancers show off their best moves! Professional bar staff will take your orders.

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Although the dance floor is large, lots of people like to get out on the dance floor soon to be sure to claim their spot. It’s obvious that this is a night club where people come to dance, and they really know what they’re doing!

Celeb’s like Amber Rose, Alexandra Burke, Drake, Ne-yo, Trey Songz, The Saturdays, JLS, Chipmunk, Cee Lo Green, Made in Chelsea Stars, Ryan Leslie, Amerie and more can be seen at the Anaya Night Club.

The staff at the Anaya Night Club are all super friendly, and always smiling. They know that you’re coming out to have a night of fun, and they want to make sure it happens for you!

The Anaya Night Club is a members only club, making it necessary to know someone who’s on the Anaya GuestList if you want to be sure to get in. Anaya’s status is a respectable one with people arriving quite early to stand behind the velvet ropes, which open easily for those who either a celebrity or on the Anaya GuestList.

The Anaya Night Club in London is open every night, and aims to give everyone who enters an extraordinary and exclusive VIP experience! Come listen to their renowned DJs, take in the elegant décor and let the friendly and thoughtful staff know what you want so you’re sure to have a great time!