Aura Mayfair Nightclub

Aura Mayfair Nightclub

The Aura Nightclub is a highly trendy and fashionable entertainment nightclub that offers its patrons a place to eat, drink and have fun while dancing the night away. People love our magical atmosphere, where they are able to meet a lot of new people, often making new friends for life. The Aura is many things – a nightclub, cocktail bar, and restaurant – making the Aura GuestList a must for those who are looking to be sure they’re able to get in

Simply said – the Aura Mayfair Night Club adds a touch of elegance to the party scene!

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Very close to the Piccadilly tube station, the Aura Mayfair Night Club is the place to go if you want to be a part of the London party scene. The Aura is unquestionably one of the most attractive places to go on a Friday night! And every Saturday night, you’re going to see lots of hot people who are looking to have lots of hard partying fun!

The Aura Nightclub is proud to have hosted many events and is quite popular as quite a few celebrity names have chosen the Aura to host their events, including Madonna, Lewis Hamilton, neyo and many more.

The dance floor is large and surrounded with stylish 21st-century furnishings. The lighting is spectacular, the music features a well-seasoned DJ, the bar offers literally hundreds of different kinds of cocktails and drinks, and there’s a restaurant where one can enjoy eating some of the finest food in town.

Since the Aura Nightclub in London is both stylish and modern, it brings in only those who know how to enjoy what Aura has to offer. Being on the Aura GuestList is the definitive goal if you want to have fun! VIP tables are available, and can give you the privacy you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a nightclub that can offer style as well as lots of fun, then the Aura Mayfair is the place to check out! Aura Nightclub offers its patrons a fun night in the London entertainment scene.

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