Bodos Schloss Nightclub

Bodos Schloss Nightclub

The same people behind the creation of the oh-so-popular nightclub Mahiki is now bringing you another elite nightclub located in beautiful London – Bodo’s Schloss! The Bodo’s Schloss Night Club is in Kensington, and promotes a décor of what one would see if they were vacationing in the Alpines. The feeling of being in a log cabin with the wood interior is simply divine!

The staff are all adorned what is known as traditional lederhosen, which really adds to the overall atmosphere. Lots of people are coming out just to hear the music, which is played by a popular Austrian brass band that sets up early every night to play. For those who want to hear music that’s a little more apt to make them hit the dance floor and start showing off some moves, there’s also a DJ booth.

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Lots of cocktail choices at the Bodo’s Schloss Night Club! The best vodka selections are available, or simply order one of your favorite drinks. Or if you’re daring you can try one of their specialty homemade schnapps, yum! Many of the drinks are presented in stoneware with hand-painted ski’s on them, which really adds to the overall ambience.

You may even see some famous Hollywood celeb’s, like Cameron Diaz or Ed Westwick. Or you may even catch a glimpse of our own British royals, like Prince Harry or Princess Eugenie. The Made in Chelsea cast has also been seen at Bodo’s Schloss. The rooms aren’t separated for celeb’s at Bodo’s Schloss, so you can truly get close and maybe even party with these celebrity’s!

Want to know how to get in to the Bodo’s Schloss Night Club for free? Simply wear some traditional lederhosen, dirndl or mountain wear! If you don’t want to dress in traditional lederhosen, we understand. Then you’ll just have to dress up in your fanciest attire for this super night of fun out on the town!

Understand that Bodo’s Schloss is a members-only club so you’ll need to get on the Bodo’s Schloss GuestList to get in, or at least know someone who’s already on the Bodo’s Schloss GuestList.