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Since the invasion of ‘Private Members’ clubs throughout London the general population has not been able to gain access to some of Mayfair’s most prestigious venues. Notoriously hard to find, almost impossible to gain access to, and frequented by swarms of celebrities on a weekly basis, these are THE ONLY clubs to be seen at. Unless of course you’re happy with the local meat market?

Get Into London’s Best Clubs
We’ve been at this since 2003 so with over ten years experience we know a thing or two about getting into celebrity filled venues. It’s all about who you know at the end of the day and we know most people. With some of the best private members clubs as clients we can be your contact to gain entrance.

Party Like A VIP
The clubs themselves aren’t for melancholic and shy individuals. Full of energy you can expect the venues to be bouncing seven nights a week with tables overflowing with bottles of champagne and vodka with guests dancing on every available square inch to the pounding house and Hip Hop. Plus if you ask us nicely we will tell you on each night exactly WHICH club will be best that night!

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That’s Not All
Often we host our parties with members of staff from VIP Lounge on location to make sure your night get’s crazy without anything going wrong. Straight from the get go you can expect us to make sure that you get inside the club with minimal fuss (sometimes even for free if you’ve payed attention to our t&c’s), then it’s straight down into the venue where you will be guided to our private table. It’s here that the party begins as we make sure all guests joining us on the table have an epic night with a few complimentary drinks thrown in for good measure. See you on the dancefloor. x