BLC Nightclub

British Luxury Club BLC Nightclub

The British Luxury Club nightclub, often shortened and thus also known as the BLC, is a chic and stylish club that will make you think you’re going to see James Bond walking in the door at any moment! Many of the guests here have a tendency to show up in their fancy cars and then stay all night long drinking and dancing the night away.

The British Luxury Club is well-known amongst the partying crowd, making it a top destination for having a fun night out on the town when in London!

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Come listen to DJ and music director Tony Piscitelli, who plays an assorted array of house music that is sure to get the crowd up and dancing out on the dance floor! If you’re looking for a super fun night out filled with lots of party-goers who are out to have a fun an exciting night out just like you, then the British Luxury Club is the perfect place for you!

There are plenty of high-end cocktail choices, so you can be sure that your drinks are all going to be delicious! The bar consists of Swarovski crystals, which is a must-see. The British Luxury Club is a members-only club, which means you’re also able to order expensive champagne and the best wines, just know that they come at a price.

Because the British Luxury Club is so very popular amongst the high-end partying crowd, there’s a need to only let certain people in to the nightclub. There’s a British Luxury Club GuestList available that you can get your name on to ensure you get in and don’t have to wait outside with all the other people waiting in line to see if they can get in that night.

In order to get inside the club, you’re going to need to be a member of the British Luxury Club or be invited by someone who is already on the BLC GuestList. If you want to be able to enter the club, get pre-approved and join our guest list! The door staff are trained to do their best when it comes to letting people in the BLC, so be nice to them as they want you to get in and have a fun night!