Cirque Du Soir Nightclub

Cirque Du Soir Nightclub

When you go to the Cirque Du Soir Night Club, you’re welcomed in the same way people were welcomed into a vintage variety show cabaret years ago, and thus begins your adventure at the Cirque Du Soir Night Club! Located in Mayfair, only London’s finest get together at the Cirque Du Soir because they know they’re going to have a fun night filled with lots of great entertainment.

Spread out over 2 floors, the real action takes place at street level. The aura is a little like Moulin Rouge, and the theme is classic Victorian-style with a color scheme in both red and gold. The uniqueness that the Cirque Le Soir club brings attracts a large variety of people, from fashion designers, to models, to rock stars and their kids, budding entrepreneurs and more!

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Celeb’s like David Guetta, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Paris Hilton like to come to Cirque Du Soir because they like the setting and the people, as well as the complex entertainment.

A ringmaster welcomes at the door, where you’ll then be led downstairs to a theater of fun-filled excitement! Entertainment includes fire eaters, aerial acts and the burlesque angle grinder launching sparks off an electric guitar. Wow! The 500 capacity is plenty large for lots of dancing, with a fully equipped DJ booth and electro house music.

The Cirque Du Soir Night Club (from the same owners as Dear Darling guestlist club) is not for the disciplined or for those who may be a little too proper. Entertainment can be crazily impulsive and outrageously amusing, making the Cirque du Soir club a lot more than your standard or much too common London nightclub.

Additional entertainment includes snake charmers, fire eaters, stilt dancers, tattooed girls and much more!

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