Cuckoo Nightclub

Cuckoo Nightclub

Recently refurbished, the Cuckoo Club in London is a nightclub that is known for its extreme uniqueness. As soon as you enter the club, you’re greeted by quite the distinctive color palette, and then you’ll hear the music playing, which is sort of a rock-chic, mixed with house and electro. The bar is situated at the far end of the room, which is quite dramatic all in itself as there are liquor bottles stacked behind the bar from floor to ceiling, which gives off quite the impressive look.

The dance floor is always packed with dancers as they listen to the newest spins on the hottest music and watch the L.E.D. ceiling lights flash in rhythm with the beat of the music. If you want a night out that gives you that London nightclub experience you’ve always dreamed about, the Cuckoo Club is the place to go!

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Easily known as one of the most trendy and thus attractive hot spots in London, the Cuckoo Club has a reputable standing in that it is an exclusive place that one can go to and know that they’re going to have a great time.

The Cuckoo Club GuestList is a members-only club, which we highly recommend you get placed on so you’re sure to get in. If you’re not on the GuestList, you’ll need to get past our people at the door, who have very strict criteria when it comes to letting people in. Once in, though, know that you’ll receive the best treatment as you’re immediately welcomed in by the Cuckoo Club GuestList elite who will show you to your table as you enjoy the beautiful and unique décor. As the top music of the day plays, it’s time to have a cocktail and bust out some new moves – we want you to enjoy yourself!

Well-known celeb’s like Eva Longoria is the most recent celebrity to be spotted.

Before 11:00 pm, you’re more likely to see quests enjoying lavish meals. Once 11:00 hits, the dance floor is exposed and that’s when everyone starts heading towards the dance floor. Saturday nights especially will find you mixing it up with a large crowd as the music beats loud and hard.