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In the buzzing heart of London’s nightlife, the recently unveiled Dear Darling Club is already causing quite a stir. Situated on Jermyn St., it stands where the Oscars Club once held sway. This venue is steeped in history, having been a notorious brothel and a gay sex club in ancient times. Yet, this unique past is a foundation for Dear Darling’s fresh and daring concept.

The masterminds behind other acclaimed venues like Cirque Le Soir and Ryan Bish have infused Dear Darling with a provocative allure. Think risqué, kinky, and seductive! No wonder the club draws comparisons with the enigmatic Box Soho, notorious for its exclusivity.

But there’s more than just the ambience. Boasting a large capacity, Dear Darling Club ranks just behind Lio London Club in size. The venue’s split-level design offers two distinct experiences. The upper level features a sophisticated cocktail bar and lounge, where the sounds of house and disco house music pulsate, often graced by internationally renowned DJs.

Dive more profound, and the club reveals its unapologetically sensuous side. The basement celebrates eroticism, with exposed brick walls adorned in latex decor and seductive paraphernalia. Mirrors abound, and the transparent glass floor adds to the intoxicating atmosphere. Here, the music spans a diverse range.

Make no mistake: Dear Darling Club isn’t a reincarnation of its past. It is a modern Mayfair nightclub, appealing to a discerning clientele of young, wealthy professionals. Imagine Cirque Le Soir’s sophistication and Reign Club’s extravagance but with a hint of sensual charm.

For those seeking entrance, this club doesn’t entertain walk-ins. Bookings are imperative. Reserve a guestlist spot or opt for a private table for that VIP treatment. Entry is predominantly facilitated for ladies, with specific requirements for gentleman groups. 

For an elevated experience, consider table bookings. Private tables start at a £1000 minimum spend for a typical group, with VIP options from £1500. Of course, there are some house rules: a valid ID is non-negotiable, and decorum at the door is crucial. After all, at Dear Darling, exclusivity is part of the allure.

Dear Darling Table Bookings and Dear Darling Table Prices

Dear Darling tables start at £1k minimum spend with a cover charge. VIP Dear Darling tables are £2k minimum spend.

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