Dstrkt Nightclub

Dstrkt Nightclub

Tucked away in London’s west end is the most recent addition to London’s nightclub scene – The DSTRKT Night Club! This nightclub was recently voted Best New Restaurant and Club and people are extremely excited that there’s a new nightclub added to London’s already extravagant nightlife. Be sure to come and check out one of London’s newest high-end nightclubs for a night out of dining, drinking and dancing!

Once you enter the DSTRKT nightclub you’re going to walk through what seems to be like a bit of a labyrinth. The aura is simply enticing! Drinks include sparkling champagnes and a long list of delectable cocktails. The tables are all facing a truly mesmerizing center stage, that has one of the coolest red crystal chandelier hanging over it that you’ve ever seen.

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You’ll find only the best DJs playing all the latest hits, as well as a mix of the best house tunes. Add to this the lavish cocktail lounge, a truly sexy dance floor, and a separate bar that’s focused only on serving the VIP’s makes for quite the memorable night!

Celeb’s like Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Usher have all been seen here at the DSTRKT Night Club. There’s a dress code so be sure to dress up in your fanciest apparel that makes you stand out and get noticed!

Since the DSTRKT Night Club is a members-only nightclub, it’s critical to get your name put on our DSTRKT GuestList if you want to make sure you’re able to enter. Especially if you’re coming out for a super fun night and partying with a large group of friends! Just contact us to find out how you can get placed on the DSTRKT GuestList.

Getting your name on the DSTRKT Night Club GuestList means you’re pre-approved and thus able to enter the club without any problems. If you already know someone who is on the GuestList, you don’t have to add your name.

The crowd is specially selected, so be sure to arrive early!