Embassy Nightclub

Embassy Nightclub

The Embassy Night Club in London can be found at 29 Old Burlington Street. Known as one of the elegant and chic nightclubs, the Embassy is one of the most posh members-only nightclubs. Even so, you can expect an open and friendly atmosphere where lots of top celeb’s and athlete’s can be seen!

As soon as you enter the Embassy nightclub, you’ll immediately notice that the ground floor is quite large and is where the main bar and restaurant are located. The décor is a simple one, with marbled mirrors and a decorated ceiling that really makes the club feel extra plush. If you walk down the stairs, you’ll see black and silver wallpaper, which matches the metallic stairway. There are 2 VIP sections, which are very popular as many people want to sit here in these very private areas. One of the VIP areas is located right next to the dance floor, with the other one divided from the rest of the club for a more private and intimate feeling.

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The Embassy Night Club has seen lots of top celeb’s, including the likes of Britney Spears, Danielle Lloyd, Dizzie Rascal and more. One reason why high-profile people like to come to the Embassy nightclub is because they enjoy the décor, which is a mix of modern, art-deco design parallel to a French café. The young at heart feeling one gets when they enter the Embassy helps invigorate the crowd, making it so that patrons can’t help themselves but to get out on the dance floor and start mixing it up!

Be sure to hit the dance floor so you can show all your best moves while listening to a variety of funky house, electro and R&B as well as some club classics that every crowd likes to hear!

If you’re looking to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and want to come to the Embassy Night Club, you’re going to need to make sure you get put on the Embassy Night Club GuestList. If your name is on the Embassy GuestList, then you’re sure to get in so you can have a fun night of partying. If you don’t get your name on the Embassy GuestList, then you may not get in. There’s only so many people who can get in without it becoming overcrowded.

There’s a dress code, so be sure to dress up in your absolute best!