Funky Buddha Nightclub

Funky Buddha Nightclub

The Funky Buddha Night Club is a well-known members only nightclub and bar that people from all over the world come for a night out of pure fun! They’re newly renovated and ready to play host to the upscale clientele that likes to be a part of the fun party crowd. Located in the popular Berkeley square, you may have already guessed that the Funky Buddha boasts an Oriental theme.

The Funky Buddha Night Club is where you can enjoy hobnobbing with socialites, famous models and a variety of high status celebrities, including actors, athletes, and musicians. You shouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Timbaland, Ja Rule and Shaggy.

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Bring your friends and come hang out in this hip and modern club! The ambiance is one that can’t be beat – you’ll see all the neon red and blue lights while listening to a blend of funky house, R&B, hip-hop and rock. And the dance floor is one that is packed come every Friday and Saturday nights!

The Funky Buddha GuestList is available and those who are on it get to enter the nightclub without issue. Be sure you or your friends sign up to be on the GuestList so you can have access to one of the hottest and hippest members-only clubs in London.

Whether you want to come hang out with your friends for a super exciting night of partying fun, or simply want to check out and see which celebrities are hanging out on any particular night, we invite you to come join us!

Come sip some luscious champagne or order one of the many delicious cocktails offered from the super professional and friendly wait staff who are there to make sure you get everything you need.

Because Funky Buddha is so popular, it’s a good idea to get there early! Be sure to wear your finest duds so you can blend in nicely with the rest of the high-class crowd. Contact us if you want to know to get on the Funky Buddha GuestList so you’re able to get into the club.