Google Glass

VIPLounge – London club news – 25th October 2013

So many people have been waiting for it to come out but does it really live up to the hype? Retailing at £1500, Google Glass comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a camera, speakers,microphone, touch-pad and the most ridiculously tiny screen. We’re talking no bigger than the size of your finger.Worn as a headpiece, the augmented reality display allows users access to all the info they need, while continuing with whatever they’re doing , no extra effort required.


If you’re big on multi-tasking there’s no need to for all that scrolling and clicking on your smartphone when you want to browse the internet. You can view photos, watch movies and with the MyGlass app you can pair your headset with any Android phone which means you can share data. Very handy. Messages can be received and viewed right before your eyes while you answer using the microphone,perfect if you’re trying to organise your night at Libertine.