HENK Travelfriend Suitcase

VIPLounge – London club news – 16th November 2013

We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of broken suitcases, even the sturdiest suffer from being thrown around by airport staff or from cases being overstuffed but there’s one design which promises to be invincible. The world’s most expensive suitcase ranges from a staggering 21 to 40,000 Euros so we were expecting something pretty incredible! We have to admit though any suitcase we’ve seen so far would struggle to compete with the HENK Travelfriend. If you’re jetting off to Cirque Du Soir in Dubai you can’t ask for more luxury than the limited edition Travelfriend coated in 23.8 carat gold!


We can’t deny that HENK’s design is perfection, with cases available in a range of the finest materials including calfskin and ostrich leather, plus it comes with funky interiors which you can have customized on the website. One of the distinctive features is the fact the HENK opens from both sides, and also has retractable wheels with a set of rollers which make it more comfortable for rolling in narrow areas. Most importantly the case is also lightweight and comes with an attachable anti-theft chain. After spending 40,000 euros on this beauty we think the chain is a wise idea!