Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar

VIPLounge – London club news – 18th October 2013

You know the saying looking like a million dollars? Well you literally can wearing this beauty. With a $1 million price tag(okay a little less than that in sterling but you get the point) The Hublot Black Caviar is one for the big spenders. Made using black baguette-cut diamonds to create a metallic multi-faceted exterior, we see the whole invisible visibility thing the designers are going for and we like the understated vibe.


It just goes to show you don’t need to go to the club rocking platinum and gold bling in order to get noticed. We’re certain regulars at Bodo’s Schloss like David Beckham would be happy to drop a million or so for a watch this beautifully crafted and they’d be only too willing to let you know what time it is.