Lanvin Contrast Handle Umbrella

VIPLounge – London club news – 2nd November 2013

The weathers not usually great in London so it’s always best to be prepared but there’s no excuse for walking around with an umbrella from the £1 shop, avoid the embarrassing situation of your brolly being blown inside-out on your way to the club by investing in a bit of quality. For £434 pounds you can make sure you don’t arrive at your destination drenched by investing in a top of the line Lanvin designed umbrella.


Design wise it might seem slightly like just another black umbrella at first, but the handle’s made of out solid wood with a contrasting white plastic handle and of course the Lanvin trademark is written clearly across the umbrella, so everyone can see that you can afford a designer umbrella and we’re pretty sure guests at Cuckoo would appreciate that.