Level 5 Nightclub

As glamorous as it is edgy, the Level 5 guest list is where you go to add a little extra to your evening. It wasn’t long before word got out that this was the new place in town to be hitting up with your friends.Whether you’re looking to be drinking some of London’s finest cocktails or just dancing until the early hours of the morning the Level 5 guest list does not cease to impress.

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This place has all of the gorgeous opulence of London’s finest venues with just that hint of punk and rebellion. If you make the cut and are lucky enough to pass through the red velvet curtains you’re greeted with crystal chandeliers and tasteful read leather seating. The bare brick walls give the place a raw anarchistic look which is only complimented by the detailed graffiti that drapes the remainder of the venue, whilst chrome ice buckets sit perfectly poised, filled with lavish champagne and spirits thus attracting copious amounts of celebrity attention from all over the globe.If you are looking for the VIP experience then we urge you to look no further. The VIP area sits on a higher tier which only accommodates the beautiful, ostentatious and true elites of London.

This spot is strictly reserved only for the the best so make sure you dress to impress. The Level 5 guest list never fails to impress with their intricate detail; such as bookings from globally famous DJ’s and finest mixologists Europe has to offer which unquestionably makes the difference in enhancing your VIP clubbing experience. We always say that the finest cocktails can only be mastered with with the finest spirits, look no further as the Level 5 guest list has everything you could possibly imagine behind their rustic bar to compensate your drinking cravings. The Level 5 guest lists quick rise to fame is a good example of a nightclub in London doing it right. Whether you are looking for the finest food, music or drink you can find it all under the Level 5 guest list roof. Need we say any more?