Luxx Table Bookings & Luxx Guestlist – Luxx Club London

The theme of Luxx club London is light and this VIP superclub located in the heart of Berkeley Square in Mayfair epitomises this. There are awesome lightshows that give Luxx club its signature feel.

Luxx access is by Luxx guestlist and by booking a Luxx table or VIP table. Once in the club you’ll be amazed at the lightboards and retro style arcade games and othe LED images on display. The DJ booth is positioned in the center of the club and the tables surround it and throughout the club.

The music you’ll find at Luxx is a mix of commercial R&B and Hiphop among other genres that are unique to Luxx club London.

We invite you to book a guestlist or table at Luxx for the ultimate in London exclusive nights out.

Luxx Table Bookings and Luxx Table Prices

Luxx tables start at £1k minimum spend with a cover charge. VIP Luxx tables are £2k minimum spend.

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