Mayfair Nightclub

Mayfair Nightclub

The Mayfair Night Club is a club located in London that’s known as one of the more enchanting gentleman’s clubs! The ideal place for anyone who is looking to have both an entertaining and relaxing night out on the town, the Mayfair Night Club is filled with beautiful women, has large velour sofas surrounding the room and a few large television displaying images throughout the venue.

Walk down the spiral staircase and you’ll see the VIP area to your right, where there are lots of concealed booths that provide lots of privacy. This is the time to buy some Dom Perignon for your party! On the left you’ll see another area that is also concealed and thus more private, with lots of luxurious velvet couches and a long bar, which is the perfect place for sitting while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

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If James Bond were in town, he would definitely stop by the Mayfair Night Club! The customers that frequent the Mayfair are classy and refined, yet know how to mix it up on the dance floor! The marble dance floors are usually packed with people as they listen to the funky music or some R&B.

The Mayfair Night Club is open later than most other night clubs in London, staying open until 7:00 am on Saturdays nights. Around 3:00 am, the Mayfair nightclub is home to those who don’t want the partying to stop.

In order to gain entrance to the Mayfair club in London, you’ll need to get your name put on the Mayfair GuestList. You’ll need to get approved, and once you do, you’re in! No waiting in line behind those velvet ropes to see if you’re lucky enough to get in when you get your name placed on the Mayfair club GuestList!

So don’t wait for hours behind those velvet ropes to see if you’re able to get in. Instead, get your name placed on the VIP Mayfair GuestList! We promise that you’ll have a great time in one of London’s most chic club scenes. The Mayfair Club London is where the best parties happen every weekend.