Promoting With VIP Lounge

Thanks for taking an interest in promoting for VIP Lounge. At first, it will not be the easiest job in the world – it involves growing a large social network of cool, fashionable and good looking people in London and organizing as many of them as possible to join you at the club you are promoting each week. This will require motivation and some degree of patience. Once you have grown this network, or if you’re lucky and already have such a network of friends it becomes one of the most fun and rewarding jobs you can have. You and your guests get to party for free each week at some of London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs! Becoming a promoter hugely increases your social value and makes you a mini celebrity among your group of friends, who recommend you onto their other friends to party at your nights also.


The standard rate is £5 for each guest that gets tallied into the club. Once you have had 25 guests collectively we will increase the rate.

Once you have been promoting our nights for a while you will move to a higher rate.

For info on the clubs we promote each night, please visit the clubs page of the website. We have great relationships with all the clubs we work with, mainly because we have great promoters who are polite to the club staff and because we bring fantastic guests who make the club look good.

Girls pay the standard door charge on entry. The club opens at 11pm at which point there will be a queue outside the club. Promoters should advise their guests to arrive between 11-11:30pm to ensure they are at the front of the queue when it opens. Guys pay £20 all night. You of course will have free entry!

There will be 2 or 3 free drinks for all guests during the night at our table in the club. These will be vodka and mixers. We will be brought bottles of vodka during the night and you can help us pour drinks for the guests at our table and make sure they are having fun.

How to promote

This is really up to you. Many of us will go onto the streets on the day of the party and talk to people who meet our standards and invite them, we will ring everyone in our social circle and advertise through Facebook and Twitter. One very important point to note: You will need to start promoting for the weekend at the beginning of the week – leaving it to the last minute is not advised. You can text people to come to a club, but it is much better to ring people in our experience as they will be more willing to come if you do so. It’s up to you how you want to do this. Our promoters have lots of experience and are always happy to help any new promoters.

The type of person you are expected to bring

As we have mentioned before, we are strict on the type of guest that can come to one of our clubs, and never make any exceptions on the door of the club. Badly dressed, drunk and bad mannered people do not gain entry. Furthermore, the clubs we work with all require a high quality of the girls/guys that we invite since we are offering girls free entry and free drinks for all our girl guests in the club, it is understandable that their requirements are high. If guests do not meet their standard, they could be turned away at the door. The door staff have the last say. If it’s a no then it’s a no. Arguing with door staff will get you fired and possibly banned from a venue.

What to do if someone wants to buy their own table

As we mentioned to you sometimes you will meet people who have A LOT of money and want to buy their own private table in a club. If this is this case email us, and we will help you with this, and we will pay you 10% of their total spend over the night in the club.

What you & your guests should wear

Guys: Please wear good shoes, no trainers. Wear a nice shirt and a blazer if you have one, t-shirts are NOT ok. Also jeans can only be worn if they are very very smart, if you do not have smart jeans please wear nice formal trousers.
Girls: I doubt we need to tell you but, please make sure you are wearing high heels and a good dress. No flat shoes!

What time you need to arrive at the club

Please arrive at the club for:
Weeknights: 10:30pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 11pm
(unless we tell you otherwise) and call/text the head promoter when you are there. Please make sure never to be late.

What to tell your guests

(Once you are sure that your guests are of the right standard – if you are not sure, the best way is to check your guests’ Facebook profile photos)
1. Arrive for 11-11:30pm
2. Wear the right dress code as mentioned above
3. Not to be rude to the door staff (they will get themselves banned)
4. To not be drunk when they arrive
5. To bring ID
6. On arrival at the club to meet you outside the club/join the queue.
7. To say this guestlist name: YOUR NAME – If they do not say your name at the door, they may not get in, or even worse – get in and the door staff don’t put them down under your name which means you don’t get paid!

What night you will be working

Each promoter is assigned specific nights to work, you will start off with one night a week at first and go from there. After time you can move to working two nights a week and making £300+ per week.

What happens when you are inside the club with your guests

We will bring the bottles of alcohol to the table you just need to have fun with your guests and have a great time!