Raffles Nightclub

Raffles Nightclub

Formed in 1967, the Raffles Night Club acquired its name from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. This long-standing London nightclub has been a favorite of the Royal family, including Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and Prince Charles! Situated in a Chelsea townhouse, the Raffles Night Club is not a large club like many other London nightclubs. Raffles is a bit smaller, which allows it to give off a warm, friendly and more personal club environment.

As you enter, you’ll see there’s a main room and then a sectioned-off VIP area. There’s lots of mirrored columns in the centre of the room for the people who like to watch themselves while out on the dance floor showing off their very best moves!

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The professional staff are gracious and welcoming, and will all do their very best to not only make sure that all of your needs are met, they’ll make sure they’re all done to your complete satisfaction.

The bar is warm and inviting, and also boasts a staff that are both professional and accommodating. Order one of their signature Raffles cocktails or let them know if you have a special request. Although the overall décor of the club is one that is dark to set the right mood, the actual dance floor area is not. This very modern dance floor lights up and flashes with the music and is a must see for those who like to dance!

The Raffles Night Club is a club that is for members only. Because there are many of the rich and famous who like to frequent Raffles, you must be on the Raffles GuestList if you want to be sure to get in. If you’re not on the Raffles GuestList, it’s highly likely that you won’t get in.

The Raffles GuestList is the place to go if you want a fun night out on the town drinking cocktails and sipping champagne while dancing on a really cool dance floor while a DJ plays some of the best and most unoriginal mixes of Pop, electro, Indie and R&B!

The Raffles Night Club tends to stay open later than most other London nightclubs for those who like to party the whole night.