Rose Nightclub

Rose Nightclub

The Rose Club is one of the newest and finest nightclubs to open in London! London is already well-known for being host to some of the higher-end nightclubs, and the Rose Club is a new and welcomed addition that fits right in with this prestigious group of clubs. And because the Rose Club is so conveniently located, it’s the perfect place to have some weekend fun! So grab a few of your friends and come on over as we invite you to come out for a fun night of drinks and dancing.

The brains behind this new extravaganza? Nick House and Piers Adam, who are already both credited with opening some of the more higher-end and thus popular nightclubs around. Whisky Mist and Mahiki are just two of the clubs they’re responsible for bringing to life.

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When you decide to join us for a night of drinks and dancing at the Rose Club, be prepared to have one of the best nights of your life! We even offer a GuestList that you can join so you can be sure you can get in. The Rose Club GuestList is everything you’d expect from a premium club, and more. Once you’re on the GuestList, you’re in!

If you’re not on the GuestList, then you’ll have to try and make it past our strict door staff. Once you’re in, the atmosphere makes you feel like that’s exactly where you belong! Have a seat at the bar and order one of our many delicious cocktails, or find a table where a waitress will make sure that all of your needs are met.

The Rose Club GuestList is a magnet for those who are chic and well-established, and you may even see a celebrity or two as they often frequent the Rose Club. Once the music starts, everyone gets up on the dance floor and lets the music take over as they move through the crowd!

The prices are very reasonable considering that this is one of the finest clubs to hit the scene, making it so you can go every weekend. Be sure to tell everyone you know there’s a new place where everyone can let their hair down and have a great time!

The option to book a table is available, which although is costly assures you’ve got your own table to hang out with your friends all night long. The atmosphere is one that’s super inviting, making it so that you’ll want to come back often.