Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House Nightclub

The Shoreditch House Night Club is situated right in the middle of Shoreditch, East London. Launching just a few years ago in June of 2007, the Shoreditch House is only a short walk away from the Liverpool Street Station and very near some overnight accommodations if an overnight stay is needed.

Part of a renovated factory building built back in the early 1930s, the Shoreditch House nightclub takes up the top 3 floors and roof of the building. The exterior is reminiscent of an old fire station, which really helps add to the overall appeal. In fact, this transformed factory building has proven to be quite the popular hotspot for a number of celebrities since opening to the public in 2007!

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Super stylish and modern, the Shoreditch House nightclub is spread out over 3 different floors with the 1st floor including a full bar, a games room, a place to sit and relax as well as the House Kitchen and dining room. The 2nd floor is a huge open area where there’s another full bar and even a bowling alley! On the 3rd floor, which is the roof top, you’re going to find a heated swimming pool where you can swim and unwind while drinking your delicious cocktails. There’s also a garden and lawn where you can sit beside an open fire and talk with others while enjoying your scrumptious food and drinks.

It’s necessary to get on the Shoreditch House Night Club GuestList if you want to get in to this exclusive club. There are many people who want to come to the Shoreditch House Night Club to party and that’s why there’s a Shoreditch House Night Club GuestList – to keep track of who is able to get in, and who isn’t.

The Shoreditch House Night Club is one that caters to the media crowd, and has kept its distinctiveness ever since. If you want to get in to the Shoreditch House nightclub, then be sure to get placed on the Shoreditch House GuestList today!