The Smoke Dress

VIPLounge – London club news – 10th October 2013

Picture the scene you’re out at Aura Mayfair music’s sounding good, drinks are flowing but there’s this idiot at the next table getting ‘all up in your grill’, solution? The Smoke Dress! You can literally disappear into a cloud of smoke with this design by Anouk Wipperecht. The delicate mix of metallic threads and wires come together to create a beautiful finished product. Not only is the design stunning to look at, with this dress you can really make a statement.


Overall style-wise it’s futuristic, with a metallic silver finished and blinking lights combined with retro shoulder pads. Beneath the fragile spider’s web-like exterior hides the inner mechanics of the dress. Basically it works by a battery driven sensors at the back which generate the smoke, so if anyone tries to get too close ambient smoke is released. For those who love to wear couture to the club The Smoke Dress would definitely leave a lasting impression on club-goers!