Soho House Nightclub

The Soho House Night Club in London is situated right in the middle of Soho, and is often called a sanctuary due to the fact that it’s so far away from all the noise and commotion stemming from the streets far below! Seen as a place where people can go to get away from it all and enjoy some delicious food and suburb service, the Soho House Night Club was initially created as a members-only club for those working in the film and media industries back in 1995.

There’s a really exquisite restaurant that offers lots of dining choices, 3 separate dining rooms and 2 full bars, so as you can imagine the Soho House club is quite spacious! The atmosphere is casual, with beautiful views to enjoy while your drinking and dining. If you go down the stair case, there’s another area that emits a relaxed feeling as there are deep comfy couches and private spaces available for an additional cost.

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The ultimate place for lots of partying fun, the venue is one that has its own fully-stocked bar as well as a DJ booth where you can make requests. There’s a circle bar where you can go if you want to kick back and relax while deciding which of the many cocktail choices you’d like to order, as well as which of the many food dishes sounds good to that evening.

Many patrons stay until 3:00 am in the morning as they love hanging out and socializing with fellow club goers, especially out on the roof top! When it’s cold outside, the roof top is heated.

Whether you’re coming for Saturday cocktails or a fancy evening party, the Soho House club is open from 10:00 am until 3:00am and will provide you with a night of fun!

The Soho House Night Club GuestList is one that is deemed to be quite exclusive! In order to become a member of the Soho House, you’re going to need to somehow be a part of the media industry.