Dollhouse Nightclub

The Dollhouse Nightclub

The Dollhouse Night Club on Liverpool street can be compared to finding a hidden treasure! Situated in Victorian Turkish baths, once you enter this highly unique club you’re going to feel like you’re entering another period in time. Even though the style of the nightclub is from an era long ago, the Dollhouse has been updated so it now has a more modern look and feel to it while still keeping the same characteristics.

You’ll have to walk down the staircase, which takes you underneath the streets of London, in order to enter the Dollhouse. The décor is absolutely stunning and includes a profound cocktail lounge and lots of candles burning to give off that old-time feeling. Expect the best music to be playing as you order your favorite cocktails, which can really be anything you desire.

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Everything at the Dollhouse is meant to provide you for a fun night of partying! The ambiance is alluring, the champagne list is unbelievable, and the table service is superb. The piano off to the side adds a touch of style and chicness to the overall atmosphere.

The Dollhouse is a club like no other! You should expect a truly exceptional experience when you choose to go out for a fun night out on the town at the Dollhouse. Thursday’s offer an evening of first listening to live acoustics being played, and then some soft rock and house music after that. Friday nights bring in the most people, with Funky House and pop, R&B and much more.

Dollhouse Night Club is an exclusive club, making it necessary to get on the Dollhouse GuestList now if you want to be able to get in without any issue.

Due to the fact that both Friday and Saturday nights at The Dollhouse Night Club tend to always sell out quickly, you’re going to need to show up early to make sure you can get in. Being on the Dollhouse GuestList is going to help you get in.

Be sure to dress the part! Our dress code is ‘glamorous’, so be sure to dress your best so you can stand out from the ritzy crowd!