The Twitter Dress

VIPLounge – London club news – 18th October 2013

If you want to experiment with fashion and technology, the ultimate way of expressing yourself has to be the ‘Twitter dress’. Modelled on the red carpet by none other than Nicole Sherzinger, the stunning design definitely caught a few people’s attention. Okay so the concept might sound slightly ridiculous but there’s no denying it’s actually pretty sophisticated looking! The dress took two months to make and was created by wearable technology designers London’s CuteCirtcuit, the team behind the light-up creation Katy Perry wore at the MET Gala.


The piece features a mini dress beneath layers of sheer fabric complete with 2000 LED lights and the tweets are displayed across the body. Definitely one for a glamorous night out when you literally want to make a statement. We could see someone wearing this at Project maybe, you can never be too dressed up there. Though it’s a full length gown the material is sheer so not too heavy for dancing and you can still see the sexy little mini dress underneath all that fabric, and most importantly people can see their tweets on you!