Kuboraum Embellished Sunglasses

VIPLounge – London club news – 7th December 2013

Ok,we know wearing sunglasses at night isn’t always the best move, either you succeed by creating an air of mystery or more than likely run the risk of looking like a pretentious jerk. Either way, if you’re going to do it then you might as well go all out and do it in style.


With Kuboraum Berlin’s embellished sunglasses there’s no better place to wear them than Cirque Du Soir, the place is it’s all about extravagance and you can’t get much more extravagant than the 18k gold chain detailing along the frame of your glasses. The black acetate shades feature thick frames, mirrored lenses and matt tips for a sleek finish. If you have £2576.25 spare then why not!