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Tonteria club London is known as the Mexican madhouse of the city. As one of the best clubs in London, it attracts the elite crowds. They are always down for a night of tequila, tacos, and a fantastic time. Since 2012, when it first opened its doors, Tonteria has been hosting parties that attract celebrities like Prince Harry and Leo di Caprio, among others who recognise the status of the place and the quality of its service. The club’s name, “silliness” in Spanish, reflects everything that goes on inside. It is pure silliness and foolishness of spirit, which we need to cope with the hardships of life. 

Dwell in the surroundings of a Mexican hacienda, and feel like you’ve travelled somewhere magical. Here, you will find a rich selection of tequila, which you can order by dose or inside a creative cocktail. Watch the award-winning acts, from fire spitters to Lucha-Libre wrestlers — you will never run out of entertainment.  Open from 11 PM on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Tonteria is a guaranteed night of fun and adventures. 

Tonteria guestlist club is a theatrical wonderland, with shots travelling through the “Tonteria Express” train, topless bartenders, and bottle shows. Order a glass of their famous frozen margaritas with many delicious and deadly flavours. Dance until your legs shake, then take a seat and drink some more tequila. The bar’s selection works with some of the rarest and most prestigious Tequila bottles and brands in the world, so indulge in rich agave flavours you won’t find anywhere else.  

Tonteria’s performances will keep you amused all night long. In-house dancers are constantly breaking moves on the stage, and no show is ever the same as the previous one. Every night here is a new experience, which makes it one of the best clubs in London. With Tonteria guestlists that only run Mondays and Thursdays, this is a highly desired place to be, where you can find the most exclusive members of London’s elite. The minimum spending for private VIP tables is usually £1,000, and it is always best to book your tables in advance before they sell out. 

For those who want to grab a bite before partying, you can always eat at the La Taqueria, open from 8 PM – 10:30 PM. Despite being far from Mexico, La Taqueria takes pride in its roots, serving only authentic and delicious food. Here, find fresh tacos that come with hand-crafted cocktails and live DJ sets. In between bites of your tacos al pastor, take a sip of a frozen margarita, tequila on the rocks, or a sharing cocktail. Experiment with taco flavours like beef chilli and pulled pork. Order veggie quesadillas and pair them with creme fraiche, guacamole, or pico de gallo.  

Tonteria is definitely one of the most unique clubs in London. The design of the place introduces a different concept of partying and entertainment. A paradise for tequila lovers, the place is an unforgettable experience, and a night here is a journey through space. Join the Tonteria guestlist today!

Tonteria Table Bookings and Tonteria Table Prices

Tonteria tables start at £1k minimum spend with a cover charge. VIP Tonteria tables are £2k minimum spend.

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